Recent Weekend Projects

Custom sewn handcycling quad gloves

3D-printed earplug insertion tool [thingiverse]

3D-printed universal cuff for serving spoon [thingiverse]

Sturdy wheelchair phone mount

Laser-cut wheelchair button guard

Ongoing Projects

The voice command interface provides individuals with limited mobility the ability to control a hospital bed effortlessly and intuitively using their voice.

Instructables + Hackster

A way-finding system to help blind sailors traverse around the South Beach Marina and South Beach Yacht Club of San Francisco

In collaboration with: 

Bay Area Association of Disabled Sailors

Stanford's CS+Social Good

UC Berkeley's Fung Fellowship 

The brake system is designed for tetraplegic hand-cycle riders, enabling them to control their hand-cycle brake using a chicken-like motion of the elbows for improved safety and independence

Off-road wheelchair designed to enable wheelchair users to access and navigate challenging off-road trails with ease and confidence

Past Projects

Brake Pedal Mod

A member who uses an orthopedic brace was forced to switch braces each time they wanted to drive their car since the break pedal position was impeding them from using their everyday brace for driving. By re-welding the break pedal position, they were able to use their everyday brace to drive their car.

Surf Ankle

A member with a below the knee amputation wanted a more versatile ankle for surfing, so they designed one using machinable nylon and aluminum components.